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Replication data for: GAMES WITH RESEARCH DATA SHARING by Pronk, T.E.; Wiersma, P.H.; Weerden, van A.Mar 27, 2015
The course of anxiety and depression for patients wiith Hodgkin's lymphoma or diffuse large B cell lymphoma: A longitudinal study of the PROFILES registry [Dataset] by Oerlemans, S.; Mols, F.; Nijziel, M. R.; Zijlstra, W. P.; Coebergh, J. W. W.; Poll-Franse, L. V. van deMar 23, 2015
Quality of life more impaired in younger than in older diffuse large B bell lymphoma survivors compared to a normative population: A study from the population-based PROFILES registry [Dataset] by Poel, M. W. M. van der; Oelemans, S.; Schouten, H. C.; Mols, F. ; Pruijt, J. F. M.; Maas, H.; Poll-Franse, L. V. van de Mar 23, 2015
Unmet information needs and impact of cancer in (long-term) thyroid cander survivors: Results fo the PROFILES registry by Husson, O; Mols, F.; Oranje, W. A.; Haak, H. R.; Nieuwlaat, W. A.; Netea-Maier, R. T.; Smit, J. W. A.; Poll-Franse, L. V. van deMar 23, 2015