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A study is a container for a research data set. It includes cataloging information, data files and complementary files.
Recently Released Studies
Comfortably numb?: Nonverbal reactions to social exclusion [Dataset] by Schaafsma, J.; Krahmer, E.; Postma, M.; Swerts, M.; Balsters, M.; Vingerhoets, A.May 3, 2016
Investigation of fatigue crack growth in a single cycle by means of acoustic emission by Pascoe, John-Alan; Zarouchas, Dimitrios; Alderliesten, RenéApr 18, 2016
Exploring public support for suspended sentences in The Netherlands [Dataset] by Aarten, P. G. M.; Gelder, J.- L. van; Barnet, W.; Borgers, M. J.; Laan, P. H. van derApr 5, 2016